Lambda Iota Alumni Association

50 Years and Counting...

Letter from the President


The 50th Reunion was a success beyond all expectations!

Throughout the weekend, we had 147 Brothers attend at least one part of the event, representing 30% of our living membership.

Lyon College rolled out the red carpet for the Chapter all weekend, providing top notch food, service, and venues all weekend long.

The Chapter also kicked off fundraising for the "Terrell Tebbetts Collection," a curated space honoring Dr. Tebbetts in the upcoming Library renovation. We are gifting a minimum $5000, and Dr. Tebbetts, being the fine and upstanding Brother that we all know and love, is matching our donation!

The next several years mark a transition in our operation as an Association. No longer does the mission statement "Make it to the 50th in fine style" apply. Following achieving that mission, we have to map a new course to bigger and better things. As such, be watching as we roll out new plans and share details on where we are going from here.

Thank you and AEKDB!

Watson Neal
Lamba-Iota Alumni Association

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